How to read data from outputs["HTTP request"].resBodyParsed

Hi guys,
I made an application to get news using Gnews.
I used HTTP request flow function rather than REST api integration, because the response is not an array as shown in the link …
Then I added page variable with type “any value” to receive the response and used the following formula:
outputs[“HTTP request”].resBodyParsed
I am stuck now in how to read the data inside this variable and how to show it …
I tried to use “DECODE_JSON” formula to convert to text but it did not accept “any value type”

any help please?


Hmm I think you could use a REST API integration and set the response path to articles in the Get Collection configuration to get the data in list form. That way you can use data variables and access all the info in the data more easily than with an any value type variable :slight_smile:

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thanks for your reply @Cecilia
I tried this , but it keep showing running when clicking run test … like in the photo below
maybe I made something wrong?

I made another solution using HTTP request, by setting the data type for the page variable to an object with list of objects … and then used the list to iterate … that worked for me .
but sure it is better to use Rest api direct integration

Good that you got it working somehow! I’m thinking the issue is that the endpoint in Run test is not defined, make sure to fill in that field.

An go ahead and remove / blur those images with your token info, as that should not be distributed :slight_smile:

This is exactly what I have now in Config … but it still running !

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How odd, I just tested myself with the exact same parameters (country and topic) as you and it works fine… But if the HTTP Request was working fine then that’s good at least. If you want to still try then maybe creating a new data resource could work, if there’s something wonky with that particular one. You can also check your network tools (right click on your browser → Inspect → open the network tab), and then press Run Test to see if there’s any errors with the request.

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