How to read JSON data using QR Code


I’m trying to read a JSON data using a QR code but having trouble to store this data.

I could get it as a text but don’t know how to convert it to json or some way to store it in the cliente-side storage.

Data example:

“changes”: 4,
“file”: “F0W”,
“mag”: “RD”,
“ser”: “RD0756”,
“spec1”: 13,
“spec2”: 4,
“spec3”: 0.8,
“spec4”: 0.3,
“spec5”: 0,
“step”: [
@2@27@1@2”, “@2@33@-1@13”, “@22@1@12@48”, “@36@32@2@22”
“keep”: [
“remove”: [2,22,36],

I’m new to appgyver and would appreciate any help.

An example of what I’m trying to do.

Hi Leonardo,
I assume, that you can achieve what you intend to do by using a combination of

As you can see in the composer docs, there is a lot more in formula functions. Most likely you need to play with it a little bit. :wink:

Hi stayfoolish,

Browsing the internet and youtube for some days, and today I found the solution using this javascript code (AppGyver: How to read JSON with custom Javascript - YouTube)

I really appreciate your attention.