How to remove arrow from listitem?

I have list of items, but i don’t want to be able to ‘drill down’ into the detail view of each item – so i want to get rid of the ‘>’ (show me details of this item) arrow(s) (somewhat circled in red in the screenshot) that styles each item in my list.


Does setting this to False not work?

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I wished I had that effect on everyone. :slight_smile:

:thinking: I mean, you would set its visibility to false, primarily, if you wanted conditional visibility – perhaps, determined by Boolean (true/false) data from a backend or variable. You could also just double-click the list item to enter Isolation Mode, select the arrow, and click the delete button (next to the duplicate button in the blue popup bubble). That’ll do away with it permanently.

ah, thanks that works, too.

i think i got in my head, "Oh, i know how those arrows are done – an ‘fa-’ (Font Awesome) style – so I need to find the style section.