How to remove the line of a scroll view component?


how to remove it?

Thats the scroll bar. You cant remove that but if you widen the content inside the scrollview to 100% of scroll-view width it makes it less noticeable

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I’m trying to add custom css in build files to remove it for web. I will let you know if it works.

There are new properties called show horizontal/vertical scroll indicators in the latest version of ScrollView. They work in 4.1.X. Please check them out!


Is it available already? I have just updated all my components for one of my apps, and scrollView is still the previous one. In marketplace page it says “Updated on 2019-10-28”

:thinking: good catch! Now it’s there. Sorry for the hassle, there was an error in the release process that it was not included.

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I’ve just checked this out, works like a charm, thank you @Mevi ! Keep up the great work!

Appreciate that this has option to attach variables and whatnot to control visibility from a loaded page’s UI. Nice touch!