How to replace backslashes?

I have a situation where I am trying to get rid of these backslashes to format the html for an html renderer, but when I try to use REPLACE_ALL on the backslashes it highlights "unexpected " and will not let me save it.

How to replace backslashes???

<div class=\"activity-attached-gif-container\"><div class=\"gif-image-container\"><div class=\"gif-player\"><video preload=\"auto\" playsinline poster=\"\" loop muted><source src=\"\" type=\"video/mp4\"></video><a href=\"#\" class=\"gif-play-button\"><span class=\"bb-icon-play-thin\"></span></a><span class=\"gif-icon\"></span></div></div></div>

Can you show the formula as well?
That should be this:

REPLACE_ALL(appVars.html, "\", "")
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When I try that, it says unexpected \ was found and will not let me save it. I will paste the formula later when I get to my pc

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Okay, I see the error now. It should work this way:

REPLACE_ALL(appVars.HTML, "\\", "")

This may seem weird, but it turns out that You have to escape the “escape” character to make it work…


Thank you. It works! While we are one this, do you know how to make text skip a line, such as when we are removing a bunch of things from paragraphs and the spaces between paragraphs end up getting removed?

I am not really sure what do you mean by this… Is it in connection with HTML? or a text type variable in Composer?