How to Restrict Input Field to Number Accept Number

Is there a way to force user to only type number in the Input Field?

I guess there is a formula called MATCH_REGEX and even though in the examples they are not dealing with numbers, you should be able to use it for numbers. It would be something like \b[0-9]{10}\b → this one require user to input a 10 numbers. You can always test it here:

Or maybe tie a variable to the Input, then have this formula tied to an event that triggers when the variable is changed.

NUMBER(REPLACE_ONE_REGEX(varTiedToTheInput, “[a-zA-Z]+”, “”))

This is just copied from the formulas examples, it also needs work I think.

I think each time you put in a letter it will get replaced. It will need some work though, as they continue typing it could get messy.