How to retrieve data of a particular field from the Rest API URL?

Hello everyone,
I’m using Google Firestore for the backend database and I’m having an issue with retrieving a particular field from the URL. Here is the code in JSON format:

“name”: “{parent=projects//databases//documents/**}/{collectionId}”,
“fields”: {
“Creator”: {
“referenceValue”: " ab/cd"
“Description”: {
“stringValue”: "description "
“Name”: {
“stringValue”: “name”

In this Code, I just need the stringValue corresponding to the name. Is there a way I can retrieve this value from just the API URL by using a formula, or what query should I run to retrieve this data?

You could use the PLUCK function in the formulas

Yeah, that’s nice of you to suggest.

But what I currently have is the URL in the formula, I need the formula to gather JSON code from the URL, and Pluck the Name field out of it as you suggested!

Hi, if I have this response in Get record:

I can specify a single field to be returned in “Response key path”:

And it will return:

In your case the path would be Name.stringValue