How to save the API resopnse from Google Sheets on device storage for later use?

I am making a simple Android app, with a database hosted on Google Sheets. The database is simply just a 170-row worksheet with 16 columns, number or text, and no ID. I have set up my REST API and data schema without any issues, receive the data on first page loading and assign it to an app variable so it is accessible in all pages. The logic of my app works fine, and I am able to display the data based on some logic in the app.

However, I want the whole API response to be stored on the device storage, so it is accessible even without the internet.

I have searched for this issue, and found various guides and Q/As. I tried to follow several, none has worked so far. There are some that are obsolete/removed as the composer has changed and some that are not comprehensive as the implementation requires various flow functions and variable settings, and there is always something missing, at least in my eyes.

I have experience in scientific coding, but I am an absolute beginner on app development. I really appreciate it if someone can help me.