🚀 How to scale AppGyver projects and data source

Hello everyone, what would you recommend? Before I start a new AppGyver project, I have a few basic planning questions.

I have the challenge that I initially need an app for two customers. Tends to have more customers later. How do I get the best scaled.

I can’t copy projects with AppGyver. And I can’t use different databases as data source. Right?

So I need a tenant id in each of my queries. Is that right? Has any of you ever done this? How do you scale your apps?

I’m really looking forward to your feedback and a lively exchange

Best wishes

You can copy projects! Its relatively new, on the screen where you select which app to open there is now the ability to copy a complete app.

I can´t see why you can´t have different data sources? What issue are you encountering?

How will the apps evolve? Will each customer want different things or will you be trying to push similar updates to each of them?