How to send local notifications


I want to build like a reminder app where the user gets a static reminder in the form of a local (not push) notification every 30 or 60 minutes.

I searched on the marketplace and found two logic components: Check notification permission and request notification permission.

Ok, once I do that, how do I actually send the local notification?

Once I figure this out, I can then figure out how to add days of the week so that the notifications are only sent on those days.



Here is a react native package that allows you to send local notifications.

Could you please guide me on how to use this in AG.

Thank you.

We don’t currently have the possibility to include third party plugins. And unfortunately we don’t have a feature to send local notifications currently. While we are planning to allow third party plugins in the future, I can’t give you a timeline of when exactly that would be available…

Meanwhile there’s a feature request for local notifications here and push notifications with custom backend here.


Is there any way around it please?

Well, I would do something similar to local notifications by adding a “banner” type of element at the top of each of your pages, and show it when you have stuff to notify the user about, I have done a similar feature in one of my apps.

Hi @Mevi, I am not seeing notification permission on the list and and I am getting notification permission error on the console

. What do I need to do right?

Humm yes, I had a look at my app which has working push notifications, and there’s no specific notification permission needed to include in build settings…

For context: I don’t know if we have yet had any of our users building push notification apps and I have only built one so far during our 1.X client runtime, which is why I’m a little unsure, sorry about that :sweat_smile: but I’ll do my best to see you through with this.

Could you share your app id with me so I could see if there’s something missing from your build settings (probably our fault)? I’ll also check that the logic for push notifications looks right, if you tell me where in your app you have placed your logic for requesting push notification permissions etc.

You are currently only building Android, right?