How to send notification in appgyver

Hey guys, could you help me I would like to send a notification to the application administrator after a new user registers

Hey! Depends on what BE you are using. For example, with Firebase you could use some external tool such as Integromat, where you can monitor new users and if that happens, you can send yourself an email. If you want a mobile notification per se, you can use FCM as HTTP request (POST) with URL “” and body be like { “to”: myDeviceToken, “notification”: {“title”:“Hello”, “body”:“World”}}.

Friend I implement this in my application, where should I put these commands?

Hey, as I mentioned it really depends on your BE. However, I have described an HTTP Request node that you need to implement into your logic after some trigger (i.e. user clicked on submit button on the sign up page).

Was it something like that?

This looks ok, just bear in mind, that notifications cannot be tested in the preview. So in order to test them, you have to push the app to the TestFlight (iOS) or Google Dev Platform. :slight_smile:

If I generate the app, download and install it on my device from the forehead, because I can’t go up now to test it

It keeps giving error 401

Error 401 means that unauthorized. In the HTTP request, there has to be a header “Authorization” with a value of “key=”. FCM key can be found under the settings page in Firebase Console.