How to set page parameter based on toggle switch value

Hi Everyone. I have placed a list of toggle items on a page using data from firebase in repeat. However, I cant figure out how to get the selected conditions (toggle value true) to populate in page parameters to be transferred to the next page where guidance on these conditions would be displayed. Only guidance on the selected conditions would need to be displayed and this would pull from the back-end.

Thanks if anyone can help would be greatly appreciated as it is for an NPO.

Hello there,

Quick question, did you create a “page parameter” that could accept the toggle value that you want to pass on the target page?
See image:

If not, then no doubt you cannot pass on the information. When you create one here, by tapping the circled text you will have access to this parameter on the “Open page” logic node on the origin page.

Please refer to the documentation in such case as this part is pretty well documented and several video tutorial resources also mention this issue.
Cheers and good luck building!

Resources that can help you out:

Hi Mihaly.
Thank you for the feedback.
Yes I did create a page paramater variable, called “conditionselected”
But cannot get this through to pull through to the target page and populate information related ONLY to the medical conditions toggled to “true”.

Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate the help, I have attached some screenshots above to shed some light.


First of all, the image is super pixelated, so I can barely get any information out of it.

But if I see it correctly the value of “parameter” in the first image is bound to a “page paramter” instead of the “repeated with” item’s property.


  1. Select the open page flow and the parameter you need to set on the origin page

  2. find the data item in repeat in your binding screen

  3. Select your specific property that can be a toggle or anything.

+1. if this somewhy fails you may try another step, where you go back to the binding screen and just select the formula and manually type your property of the repeated item.

Hope this clarifies, cheers.

Thanks again.
I am aware of this, but I guess part of the problem is that when selecting the binding for the params I don’t get a “data item in repeat option” on the data and binding menu.

The client should be able to click a “load guidance button” and it should take all the conditions above toggled to “true” and pass them to the next page where only those illnesses are displayed.

By my understanding, there should be something linking the “property ‘toggle value’ changed” to adjusting the page parameter and then when clicking the submit button to move to the next page all those conditions selected “true” should draw through.

If you would like to have a look via teams/zoom, I would be happy to do so?

Ah, I see now. So you have a repeated list with toggles. Then you have a button that triggers the open a new page.

How do you save the values of the toggle list? What is the item that you repeat with?

You need to pass on the list of toggles. But also now it comes to a question how do you want to filter on the other page? If you have a list of [true, false, false, true] values how will you know what to filter or not?

So you’d better of sending over a list of texts, that comes from the selected values:
in the “open page” flow you can do this formula:

ENCODE_JSON(MAP<selected>(SELECT<toggleList>(variableList, toggleList.selected), selected.label))

Replace the “variableList” with the list resource that you use for the repeat…
What would this formula do?

  1. Goes and selects only those items from the list that have a true value as the “selected” property.
  2. Goes through each of the selected item and selects the “label” property and returns that as a list of texts.

Of course you need to adjust the “selected” and the “label” names in the formula to your specific properties. In the “label” select the value that you want to use as a filtering condition on the other page…

And finally now you will have a list of texts in the format of text.
So on the target page you need to refer to the parameter in a formula this way:


This way you can do all the formulas that you could do on a list variable type.
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