How to set parameter on HTTP request

hi guys can someone help me guide on how to set up URL parameters for a HTTP request?
I’ve tried several things but since I don’t know how to bind the values of the output, the response is giving me an error.

I’m trying to get the user’s location coordinates and pass them to the URL as query params.

this is one of the URL’s I tried to bind. it did not work, the “lat=” and “lng=” should be numbers.

the URL should be as seen below

Could anyone point me to the right direction please?

I’ve tried the above method too, it didn’t work

So I was able to add the params by following the previous solution I posted.

but I noticed I’m only able to add value to only one param. Is this a bug or something?

had this happened to any of you?

Hi! I answered to this here :slight_smile:

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