How to set partial "Object with properties" in "Create record"?


I have a data schema with many properties, including a list of objects that should start empty.

I built a form to create a new record for this schema.

If I put only a few input fields in the form, binded to the data variable, then when I save it to the Firestore (Create record) it works fine, adding only the properties of the fields I included in the form.

But when I try to bind the “Create record” to a “Object with properties” then it seems like all the properties becomes mandatory. There is no way to set only the ones I want.

Similar thing happens with the “Set data variable” function: set a single property and leave the others untouched.

Is this as design? Is there a way to workaround this?


Hmm, I don’t think the fields should be mandatory although they do appear in the UI. However, if you want to circumvent this, you can use a formula instead.