How to set the button to be positioned flexibly at the right end?

Hi, I made my screen like this, and I want to set Go Button & 2 icons under button to be positioned at the right end ( for reliable )

I positioned button with 3 drop down fields in component. (set horizontal)
I just tried to set with px by my eye measurement… This is inconvenient and impossible to set up properly.

Anybody can help me?

  • second screenshot is preview portal image.

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Hi @Sumi_Kang, I would make three containers, where the first one has a layout like this:

The containers inside are also horizontal, with items set to “Fit to content”

Hi!! Thanks for your speedy reply.

But part of the component was cropped. Do you have any solution?

That’s weird - is there some extra horizontal spacing set to any of the components?

I think that I set white container left &right spacing -30px (for full white view)
so I set Go button right spacing 30px, it worked.

The grey container is same setting(spacing) , but 2 icons can not edited right spacing…
Can you help me?

You can add space after the last item by adding padding to the container that holds all the elements. You can do that by editing its style class on the Style tab: