How to share app build progress with team members?

Hello all,

I have a simple mockup prototype that I need to share with team members. When I search Google for this, I found a reference to AppGyver Share. Is this share capability still around?

If not, besides pushing builds to the App Stores and Web Preview, is there a way to add team members to my account (with their own restricted login) so that I can just have them install the AppGyver app and load the prototype build directly within that app? I definitely do not wish to give everyone access to the build itself, but the AppGyver app is pretty sweet! What are my options?


Hi! AppGyver Share is for an older product, so it’s not around anymore. As for what you’re asking, we don’t have a feature where a Composer user would be only able to see the app in preview and not when they log in in Composer. We will have a paid feature for sharing apps within an organization with varying access rights, so those may cover this use case, but that feature will be meant for large organizations. Some basic app sharing feature may or may not be also available for free, but that is not yet known.

Your current options are:

  1. Having the apps under a shared account and giving access to that to whomever you want to use AppGyver Preview apps and web
  2. Using Apple Testflight/Google Play Alpha and giving access there

If you already have a project or projects under an account you want to keep private and create an account you will share, I can as a one-off add access for the shared account to the projects (but this is full access).

Hi Mevi, thanks for the reply. I think I’m going to have to go the app stores test route. But if I were to request a shared account, how would that work? Would I be able to see and delete the other accounts, or would that be a support request?


Mmm well, the shared account would just be an account you create, where you share the username/password to people you want to share the app to. It would not be possible to “cancel” access for any single user. As for full organization support, that would cover separate account having rights and removing rights from some, but as mentioned before, it’s going to be a paid feature. So if the app stores route works for you, you should definitely go that way :slight_smile:

Hi Mevi! I’m new here. To clarify your comment on adding an account with full access as a one-off, does that mean I can create another appgyver composer account and then both my composer and the other composer accounts have full access to shared apps?

If yes, how do we set that up? Thanks for any insight.

Hi there, welcome!

Well, each app would need to be shared separately, and that would have to go every time through Please follow the template described here.

SAP BTP Provides a way to share the AppGyver project with BTP Team members. This option allows multiple users to see and develop simultaneously.