How to show an item from a list item in a new page?

I have a list item on page no.1. When I click on item no.3 (for example) I want to show it on page no.2, and when I click on item no.4 it should appear on page no.2 instead of item no.3 and so on.
It is possible to solve it by creating a page for each item.
But if I have 1000 items, is it not possible to run with a variable on page 2 that shows items that are clicked on page 1?

Hi user25, if i understand your question correctly…here’s what you need to do:

On Page 1, in your repeated list component you can add ‘Set app variable/e’ logic flow to ‘Event-Component tap’…
Then on the assigned value of the ‘Set app variable/s’, you can assign whichever repeated value you want the app variable/s to carry. You can use the value of this app variable/s to any pages on your app.

Hope this helps. Thanks

Thank you very much Elbert for your reply.
No unfortunately, it is a bit difficult for me to apply what you have written :frowning:
Is it possible please, to put your suggestion in the test project that I have attached?

In your page 2 add a page param ‘id’
Back in your first page now in the open page function, you will see the parameter binding appearing in the right panel of open page.
In that binding, select component or formula and pick a value that must look something like or maybe ‘current.item’.

So when a user will tap on an item in the list, the relevant id of the tapped item will be logged and passed on to the page parameter. Now on page 2 You have your id and you can call the record for that id.

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Hi Fred,
I thank you very much for your reply.
It was hard for me to understand what you meant.
Is it possible to make it easier for me with some pictures or to perform it in these two test pages in the attached file that you can import into AppGyver?

All so when I click on “Large image list item 1” on page 1, it should appear on page 2.
And when I click on “Large image list item 2” on page 1, it should appear on page 2 instead of “Large image list item 1” and so on…

Test-List (105.3 KB)

(first, remember to add a page parameter in your page2)
After you bind your list of data in the repeat binding of the image list component , add a page open in the canvas of the component and define the binding of the page open function on the right panel.

There, use data in repeat and select ‘current’, etc,… :point_down:

Select current, and the further value you want to pass to page2.

Hi Fred,
I created “Page parameter” in page 2 and then I couldn’t continue because I didn’t understand the rest :frowning:

I think you need to read the documentation first and learn how to use AppGyver.
I’ve shared very clear screenshots from where you start once you have set your page param in page 2. There are even video tutorials about it.

You have your page param, just follow from my first screenshot where you find that page param in the right panel of the open page function which you have attached to the component tap event of your image list component.

@user25 if you are still struggling with this, I have a video on how to pass through page parameters. For context, a page parameter is basically a variable you define on a different page of the app. You can make parameters for a single page called “one” and “two”, then when you choose to open the page you simply assign the value for each. It sounds easy in practice, but the video below shows how to set up the resource for a single page, and then clicking multiple different users posts will open the same page, but show different data each time.