How to show relative data fields from AirTable

Hello Guyvers,
I don’t find how to show data from AirTable.
In my example I have three table:

  • Books
  • Author

Books have a field connected with Author table. I want show authors name in Appgyver Books Detail Page. A Book can have more than an Authors.
This is my Airtable Books schema on Appgyver

This is my AppGyver BookDetails

Let me know if you need more detail to help me

Thanks for your support


Not sure if you’re using names or ids in the Authors binding in Books, but I recommend adding the id of the author there (make it a list of objects with id and name, or just the id). With the id of the author you can fetch the relevant author(s) on the page of the book.

Hi Mevi,
Thanks for your reply. Actually I am using Name in the Books table on AirTable.
I will follow your suggestion and modify table associations.


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