How to show title in OPEN_WEB_BROWSER

Hi guys,
I am having issue adding title and if possible go back button in module open_web_browser component, i will be glad if someone can guide me through.

kindly check the attached images

Thanks @Akseli_Virtanen as expecting your quick reply

What exactly you want the title to show?

< Return, i just want the title to show < RETURN just like

oh but when clicked it should go back in WebView?
If thats what youre trying to do, i dont think its possible.

The only way would be if you could store the last url clicked but i dont think that thats possible.

you did not get wham am saying

the webview is working fine, i just need it to have a topic or an indication showing to user to go back to the main app

Ohh ok then you could just use an icon, that you tie on a go back function.

heres how

Thanks big boss, i really appreciate your effort sir, i tried the method but i do think i get it right, kindly see attached and guide me through sir

Just see attached image of what i want to do, i circled it and put arrow,

how can that one be done after open external url in webview