How to stay signed in after refreshing my app

I connected my app to Backendless and although my sign up and log in works, I was curious as to how I can keep the user signed in after closing the app. I know that page and app variables reset after you close the app, so any suggestions? (:

Hi, I answered a similar question in this thread:

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how do I use the PersistedUser record to display the users information? I assume that I need to use the Get Record flow function but I don’t understand how to put that record into a page variable.
The user will also need to be able to change their account information. What flow function should I use?

Hi, you can use Set page variable after Create record and use “Output from previous node” or outputs["Get Record"] in a formula to access the output.

For changing user information, if you have a User data resource configured you’ll likely use Create record (POST) or Update record (PUT) according to the instructions from Backendless. You can also use the HTTP Request flow function from the marketplace, where you can choose the method yourself.