How to stop audio recording

if i have a button that will start audio recording using Start recording audio flow. how to stop this recording? i tried to use Stop recording audio but i didn’t get how to use it. Stop audio already stop the audio and output the file but move file cannot read this file path so I canot save the file

Only a single recording can be ongoing at a time. After calling Start recording audio, you should be able to call Stop recording audio and output the file path.

If you use the debugger to see the output of the Stop recording audio flow, how does it look? Alternatively, you can just e.g. use alert to display the outputs["Stop recording audio"].audioFile object in its entirety.

When you say Move file “cannot read this file path”, what’s the error given?

Thank you for your fast support and for this wonderful Platform.

I used toast to display the outputs for different nodes and it was like below

I am not sure why when i display [stop recording output] file object it display value but if i display the file path string it display nothing which i pass to the [move file] as it accept path string not file object

outputs[“Stop recording audio”].audioFile = '{“base64”:"",“audioFileURL”:“file:///data/user/0/com.appayverag.agclient/cache/mrctm2zbvs.aac”,“status”:“OK”}

outputs[“Stop recording audio”].audioFile:path = empty

outputs[“move file”].error.message = Unknown error occured while moving the file from undefined to /storage/ sdcard0/Sounds.

the stop recording flow

Any idea about this issue?

If you give the move file input as outputs["Stop recording audio"].audioFile.audioFileURL, will it work? Looks like there’s a bug with mapping the response to the expected format.

Thank you it worked
I had to set it like that SUBSTRING(STRING(outputs[“Stop Recording”].audioFile.audioFileURL), 7,100 ) to remove the beginning of the audioFileURL “file://”
and it worked although it gives warrning
value “audioFileURL” is not any of the following: “name”, “path”, “size,” …

Yeah, it’s a bug that it’s outputting the wrong kind of path, we’re on to fix that.

@Mohamed_Fouad Stop audio recording isnt working on mine (web app), how did u set urs up?

@Harri_Sarsa can you stop the current audio (ie. a song being play in apple music) and then run your appgyver audio for 5 seconds, and then resume the current audio track (in apple music)?