How to store a grid of static values?

Hi ! As i’m preparing a pricing tool, I need a grid with different prices and the min and max values but completely lost in the way to create such table and use it …
1K thanks for your help :smile:

@Philippe_Poux Can you share a mockup of the screen you are looking to build? That would be a great help in finding an approach. Thanks!

Thanks Steve ! Here is a screen of the table. The idea is to be able to find that for a number of 34, the price is 600 per pack and for a number of 2, the price is 1000 per pack.
Capture d’écran 2021-03-17 à 14.58.18

Hi @Steve_Stava , have you seen my canva ?

@Philippe_Poux I have seen your screenshot of the table above, but not your canva. Where would I find your canva?

Sorry, I was unclear … The screenshot iiis the static figures I’d like to have in order to find the correct price depending on the range of volume. As an example is volume is 33, range is between 21 and 100, unit price is 600.
What I really don’t see is how I can have such table inside the app without coding an Array in JS

@Philippe_Poux I created a simple example that should give you a good direction.

The screens below show how to create a hard-coded object list with your 4 tiers of name/min/max/price. The screen has an entry field and a button. The button executes an Alert function that has a Formula (pay attention to the formula :grinning: ) that will Find the tier for the number entered into the entry field.

As you progress, I would consider having a backend with a database that stores the pricing tiers and has an api that is used by appgyver to retrieve them whenever someone opens your app. That will allow you to change the pricing tiers without republishing the app…that being said, start small and get the basics working before you add in more complexity :+1:

Also, you will want to have the pricing tier object list as an App Variable, most likely. I created it as a page variable based on my test app.

Looks great ! Thanks @Steve_Stava … I’ve not seen that I can create a variable in a list and multiple properties !