How to strike through text field upon button click?

Hi folks. Please help. I figured out how to change the visibility of a text field upon button click. But, now, I’d rather just do a strike through. Any thoughts?

Here´s my use of it. Set text decoration. The below is my formula;

IF(IS_IN_ARRAY(pageVars.pvarItemsAttempted, 6),“line-through”,IF(pageVars.pvarItem6==0.55,“line-through”,“none”))

I´m sure you can adapt it.

Thanks…here is what I have that works based on your code: IF(pageVars.thinkpage>0,“line-through”,“none”)

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Hello ! I would be interested in doing the same but with data Items in repeat with the ability to strike through at line when the item in the repeat is clicked. I already managed the modification of the line by clicking but can’t see how to implement a conditional change of style line by line in a repeat. Any suggestions ?