How to strip character codes from content.rendered from wordpress posts?


I found the STRIP_HTML_TAGS formula, but am trying to figure out how to also remove the character codes such as &-n-b-s-p; and all the others. Or, is there an easier way to just receive text from wordpress rest api? Thanks for any help.

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Have you tried using the REPLACE function?

It’s just a suggestion, but maybe you can make the necessary adaptation according to your needs, I don’t know, I’m a non-programmer, so if I’m talking nonsense, please forgive me.

REPLACE etc are all very resource heavy.

& n b s p; is an ASCII code meaning single space (like the spacebar).

What are you actually trying to do?

just now seeing this. I know there is a way to query the wp rest api to only return text content in a post but i cant find it anywhere. I simply want to strip it of html and display just the text in a textview

If it’s an issue with the Wordpress REST API, then you need to dig through their documentation: Using the REST API | REST API Handbook | WordPress Developer Resources

i have. they have the worst doc writers in the world. no clear answer anywhere that is why i was wondering if anyone here knew. thank you