How to swipe the container?

Hello! I created the hamburger menu manually, using two containers and using hide/show them when click to icon. How can i swipe the main container that will hide the burger menu container and show the main container not using icon? I think you got it…

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Swipe gestures aren’t currently supported, but will be at some point (though I cannot promise a timetable for this). Here’s a related feature request that you can follow and upvote:

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Hi @Tomislav_POLAK,
I am bumping up this 1.5 yr old topic to seek advice on the possible ETA, for releasing swipe on container as well as double-tap and long tap gestures which are essential for improving usability and user experience.
Any advice from Appgyver team member will be appreciated.

Hi @Leon, i guess you got the wrong Tomi…

My apologies @Tomislav_POLAK.

Hi @Tomi_Laakso, this is for you or anyone in Appgyver team. Thanks

Hi! Unfortunately we don’t have more additional gestures at the moment and we don’t have a clear timeline on when they would be out I’m afraid. It’s not as simple as it perhaps sounds as there are animations and other things involved, so it hasn’t been something that we would have been able to tackle yet, as we have other topics prioritized higher :confused:

Hi @Mevi,
Many thanks for your response and totally understand the need to work on priority tasks given the limited resources but hope the team will circle back on this task in the not too distant future.:slight_smile: