How to update a record in firebase with the value a user inputs iin an input field?

Is there some secret to getting appgyver to recognize a page variable? I have an input for user to update displayName, set to the value of the page variable displayName. I then use an http patch request to update the users info along with many other fields, such as the url to the image they just uploaded. Everything always updates fine except for the displayName. It never gets written to firebase. ???

Edit: I mean the key gets written, but never the value: This is the body of my request `{“fields”: { “displayName”: { “stringValue”: pageVars.displayName }, “date”: { “stringValue”: pageVars.currentDateTime }, “userId”: { “stringValue”: appVars.currentUserId }, “email”: { “stringValue”: appVars.currentUserEmail }, “photoURL”: { “stringValue”: pageVars.newImgUrl } }}

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Hmmm :thinking: Have you checked the value of the pageVars.displayName is what you would expect before the HTTP request?