How to upload picture to PostgreSQL database?

My data resource schema has two properties, user_name, and user_picture. user_name is a type of text and user_picture is type MIME content type. In PostgreSQL, user_name is a type of text and user_picture is the type of bytea.
I have defined the app variable for user_name and user_picture and properly bind it with the schema. I am selecting the image with pick image from library flow function and I am binding the output to the user_picture variable. Then I am making a post request and sending user_name and picture to the database, but I am only receiving user_name in the database and the user_picture field is null.
Please help!! Thanks

Hi! There’s a tutorial on uploading files that might help you. I haven’t done a direct MIME binding so I don’t know if it would work, but at least following this tutorial you can get images to work as well.