How to use app variable as a backend for data

Hello. This community has helped me before so I’m hoping this works again. :slight_smile: I have an app variable set up that I use as a backend for data. It is a list of objects with 15 properties. One of the properties is an HTV (heat transfer vinyl) category another of the properties is a list of cutter instructions (five different instructions) The category page is populated with information from my app variable list because I have 32 categories and I didn’t want to have 32 separate pages. So I have one page that pulls info from the app variable.On my category page I have 5 buttons - one for each cutter. (Roland, GCC, Graphtec, Cricut, Silhouette) I want to set an alert so that when the button is selected it pops up an alert with the correct cutter information for each category based on the category name that is on the category page. Thanks in advance for your help. -Jennifer-

You can use alert flow function for each button … and bind it with formula …
inside the formula use FIND(YourAPPVariable, item.category== “YourCategory”) to get the correct object and then you can use Lookup to get the required property …
if you put screenshot for your app variable … you can get more accurate solution …
good luck

Thanks. I’ll give it a try. :slight_smile:


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OK. Think I must be doing something wrong. I have simplified my appVariable and linked a screen grab showing my appVariables as requested. :slight_smile:

So I have a page that opens with the vinyl category listed at the top (I have sent a screen grab of that as well and in this case the category is EasyWeed Basic)

I want to be able to click on the Roland button and have an alert popup that shows the cut information for the Roland based on the vinyl category at the top of the page. This vinyl category changes from page to page and is populated from a different appVariable. So I guess I need to know how to write a formula that will look at what is populated in the vinyl category heading and choose the cutter(roland) information that only matches the vinyl category. I’m not sure if I am clearly stating my problem or am correct in what I need to do to accomplish this. I am a newbie. :slight_smile: Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thank you.