How to use geolocation and the pollster correctly

Good afternoon, I’ve read all the posts about GPS, but I still don’t understand how to properly use the GPS Location functions and start a geolocation poller to track movement speed in real time.

Please show screenshot how the logic should be built and the parameters configured GPS Location functions and start a geolocation poller

The following logic without a loop does not update information about the current speed. If I add a cycle, then the wrong speed is shown or the speed information is 1 minute late when driving a car. When the car ride is completed, the speed shows 15 m/s, 1-2 minutes after the car stops, it shows 0 meters per second

When you turn on geolocation tracking together with another application, say google maps, then everything works correctly and the speed information shows exactly. If you disable Google maps, then geolocation tracking starts to show incorrect, past data again.

for continues readings you need to use this one

not the gps location

do I need to use delay or does the poller itself cyclically issue GPS data?

no it works automatically, updating continuously the values

I tried to use only the poller without delay on android 11 gives only one value. And if you still request cyclically, then it will be incorrect? as I understand it, in order to determine the correct speed of movement, the GPS function must work cyclically without interruptions, otherwise every time delay is started, the GPS function resets its variables and the speed begins to calculate with new coordinates

What do the APPGYVER developers say? is it possible to use the standard JAVA function of the Location.getSpeed class, it will certainly give out the speed and this class has a LOOP function for constantly updating GPS data. Can you add this class as a new tool in composer ?

the poller, works as you want, it updated the location automatically
and these are the parameters

Thank you, I found a solution, it turns out it was necessary to set delay on the set page variables block and then the data is updated