How to use local storage to flip back and forth between records?

I’m building a page that is essentially a form. It collects texts, numbers, photos, coordinates, etc…
I have been able to get this page to function fine when working online. I can upload the form data to my backend (Xano). My data is being collected as page variables and the “create record” function packages the data for the API. Afterwards, I have the page variables reset and the form is cleared for the next entry.

What I would like to do is also save these records locally (so that it can be used offline) and add a previous and next button at the bottom of the page so that I can easily look back at previous entries on the form. Is there any way to cycle through local records like that? Seeing the data in the original layout of the form would be best for reviewing previous entries. I have not been successful in getting this to work.

sure, you need to create a local storage bucket in the data connector, and define the field the same as the record of your backend. Next you can create a record whenever you want and that way, store the data from each time locally. Then, whenever you want to access a record, you can filter the local collection, by any field you want.

I have been able to do all of the things you mentioned. Where I’m stuck is getting the info from the record to populate back into the fields of the form. I also have not figured out how to use a button that cycles through records.

answering to your second question first, the structure of the records is a list. That means that could either use a repeat function to show all the records as a list, or change the index number of the list formula, in order to get another record.

As for the first question, you need to go ahead and add the data in your page like this

and then you will be able to access it from a formula or the data option like bellow

and then

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