How to use map component with multiple pins coming from a database

Hi, It’s been two weeks since I started on appgyver and everything is going fine up until I tried using the map component to display a map with more than 1 point of interest coming from a database.
What I want to do is to have in my database the coordinates, the name of the pin and a little description for the said point of interest.

The issue here is that when I take the coordinates from my database the pin never shows and I’ve no idea how to create multiple pins based on how much there is on the database instead of adding them by hand.

I’ve tried many things like creating a list of objects as a page variable to replace the basic list used by the component. I’ve tried forcing the latitude and longitude to Numbers (even though they are already numbers) by using the NUMBER method in the formula tab and many other things.

Can someone explain to me how to proceed in order to resolve my issue ?

Thanks, Edwin

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Hello Edwin, did you try to create a list variable with several fields and feed it with your informations by using a loop workflow ?

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That’s actually what I did and it works thanks !
In details I created a button to show the map but the real purpose of this button is to load the list of pins then I have 3 important page variables 1 being my count (like a “i” in a for loop) to access every element of the list in my database. then I compare this count with the number of elements inside my data in order to start the loop.
Then I create an object (2nd page variable) with every property a pin has and assign every variable with a page-variable workflow and then I append this to my list of pins(3rd page variable).
The final thing to do is to link the list to do the map and that’s pretty much it :slight_smile:

Hi EdwinL, this is exactly what I would like to implement into my App and still can’t figure it out. I have location data in database but strugle with showing multiple markers on my map. Would it be possible for you to share some screenshots of this process? My goal is to show my actual location (which is working right now) and places from my database, but for now I focus at least on places from database. I’m absolutely no-code pearson so little bit lost right now.
Thank you very much for any help with this.

Hi, I’m trying to do the same thing. Could you post some screenshots to show the flows in more detail and how you configured the map component?

In particular, I managed to get a list containing the info for each pin (latitude, longitude, label), but how do I tell the map component to take them one by one as single elements on the map?

I tried with various formulas (MAP (), REPEAT (), etc …) but nothing helped me to reach my goal.
If you have succeeded, please share this achievement with all of us! Thank you !

UPDATE: I tried to create a circular flow where two variables (latitude, longitude) of type number are sequentially assigned each value contained in the database for each pin. These two variables are set in the MAP component as the source for the coordinates to be displayed
This however leads the MAP component to display only the last element, I guess because the component is only rendered once.
Can you explain how you managed to display multiple pointers? Thank you!

could you explain to me how did you assign a list (array) of elements to the longitude and latitude parameters of the MAP component? From what I see and from the tests I have done it only accepts number types.

I tried with a ring flow to assign one at a time the data of each pin (lat, lng, label) and at the end of the whole flow I put a delay to see what happens. Each pin is displayed but on the next cycle it disappears and the next pin appears and so on until the end.
What am I missing?

Hi, were you able to get this result? If so, can you share with me how you did it? Thank you!

I have the same issue. It should be possible, I saw this video here and it shows multiple pins on a map Tracking App by using AppGyver No-code platform - YouTube

Can anybody help?