How to use Multi Combo Box with Airtable Schema

Hi everyone, I am trying to implement a filter using a Multi Combo Box (no input).

  • On the page I am showing a list of posts which the user can filter by hashtags (aka show any post that contains any of the selected hashtags).
  • The combo box displays all the available hashtags. The options are mapped to a data variable, which is connected to a REST API collection (aka Hashtags table in Airtable).

I am lost on how to set the visibility of the list of posts so that it is filtered by the selection in the combo box. I have looked at several tutorials on how to use the combo box but they all don’t cover the special Airtable schema (see screenshot, where Name is the hashtag text I want to filter by, all the other fields are irrelevant). Does anyone have experience with this and would write down the steps to set it up? Thank you so much :pray:

Have you checked this video? It is not about combo box but maybe it shares a few common setup of interest regarding filtering.