How to use on-device storage "create record" without ID?

Following this guide I coundn’t get this to work (Power-up: Offline Storage - AppGyver).
When I make the “create record” node I do not have the option of inputting an ID?
But the rest looks just like in the tutorial, have the way of doing this changed since this tutorial?


Hello here is my problem, how do I get around this change?
When I look in the debugger, the flow value is just a long randomly generated string.
I don’t see how I can connect the created record and reference it later if I can’t set it with the ID somehow?

Hi @Hampus_Bergman, the implementation of the on-device storage has in fact changed and it’s not fully compatible with the tutorial anymore, since the ID will be assigned randomly. You can go around this issue by using the “Set item to storage” and “Get item from storage” flows from the marketplace. They let you save and fetch data with a predetermined key, like the previous implementation of local storage did. You can use these flows to store either the ID of the “Settings” record that you want to fetch, or the whole record itself. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps you get forward!

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It has not helped I am stuck at this stage still.
I cannot figure out how to pass the value received from “get item from storage” to set an app variable.
In this example program I just have a app variable of text type connected to an input field.
And I want it to be persistant when I close and open.
But I can’t use “output value from another node” so I guess I need to use some formula, but I cannot find any examples for guidance.

Hi @Hampus_Bergman the formula to use is outputs["Get item from storage"].item :slight_smile:

I tried that 10 times and didn’t get it to work… :sweat_smile:
I have no idea what I did differently, but now it works!
Thank you!

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Hi Mari,

Is there any size limit for the “Set item to storage” function? I tried putting small amount of data and it works. But when I tried putting 20,000-30,000 data, it doesn’t work