How to use relationships between two supabase tables in Appgyver

Hello, I’m new to no-code development and Appgyver.
I’m trying to make a simple app that displays proverbs by categories and i’m using supabase as the backend.
So i have two tables in supabase:

  1. The proverbs table - this consist of the proverbs themselves and also a foreign key refrence to the categories(categories_id: int)
  2. The categories tables - this just has the id and name of category(e.g middle eastern proverb)

I’ve been able to connect these two tables as data resources via api to Appgyver, but how do i show the relationships between this tables.
Basically when i bind a ‘repeat with’ container to the the proverbs table, i want to be able to display the proverbs as a text and the category the proverbs fall under also as a text using the categories_id relationship.

Hope my question is clear enough and any help will be appreciated. Thanks