How to use "search bar component market" utilities?

How to use “search bar component market” utilities? Please see the photos. With the photo settings displayed, how can I activate my search to find the item on any row?. Thank you very much.

See this power up video. Although populating with suggestions may be more complicated than you need.

I’ve got a search field on one of my list pages. It’s pretty simple:

  • Input field bound to a page variable called “searchTerm” (text)
  • List Item (repeat with set to my data list variable)
  • List Item (advanced) Visibile control set to following formula: CONTAINS(LOWERCASE(, LOWERCASE(pageVars.searchTerm))

So my list only shows items whose ‘name’ field contains the user-entered search term. Works great.

Thanks for your help. I’ve had my eyes crossed watching this video so much, but it didn’t solve my problem. His guidance however was much more correct, and it helped a lot. See how I applied my solution, and it worked very well.

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