How to write a formula with in between condition?

Hi all,

How can I write a formula where variable should be between 2 numbers?
For example:

IF(5 < params.score < 10, true, false)

Also, how to write a formula where the variable to be true should be 2 values at the same time?
For example:
IF(params.score == 10 && 20, true, false)

Thank you

1st case: params.score > 5 && params.score < 10

2nd case: the correct formula is params.score === 10 && params.score === 20, however that will never evaluate to true, because a variable can only have one value at a time. If you want it to be either 10 or 20, you can write params.score === 10 || params.score === 20

The IF statement is redundant, because the clause already evaluates to true/false.

Thanks. This works :slight_smile:

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