How we can set Page Layout?

We know that we can set the layout of components, but how we can set the page layout? For example, i want to put the button to the end of page. Is it possible, without setting margins to the button, only set page layout?


See the image below. Use these for the button or whatever you want to place to float on top of other things.

Thank you for your answer!
But i mean, how to put to the bottom side of screen of the phone, because we have different phones with different screens?
In this example, i want to put last two components to the bottom side of the screen. Is it available?

I would bind the ‘Position’ Top value of the top component (O cep??ce) to a formula that calculates screen height - # pixels desired. Like set it to (systemVars.dimensions.screen.height - 100, or whatever). Then place the lower component (Hactpo???) right underneath it like you have.

Thank you for your answer! Could you help me, how to do like put components to the bottom of screen but setting screen margins for bottom side 16 px, and on the top of this margin will be that component? I think you got it :upside_down_face: