"HTML content" in WebView not working (as expected)

I’m trying to create a drawing tool that can be used through webview.

If I host the html code somewhere and use that for webview, everything works as expected.
However, if I paste the same html code in the “HTML content” box in webview, it doesn’t work.

When the webview loads up, it looks like it should work, but the page isn’t “active” and I can’t interact with it the way I’m supposed to.

This is what I’m using as inspiration for my drawing tool: link

In the log on the page you can see it says: “Initialized.” when the page is opened, but when pasting the same source code in “HTML content”, nothing shows up in the log.

Does anyone have any idea why this is? Thank you in advance.

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Some insight on this would be good. I noticed the other day as well that HTML content in WebView doesn’t seem to work the way it should. Often times i get nothing at all or broken pages.

Only the URL parameter seems to work correctly…

There are some limitations to what html/javascript works in a WebView. Not sure if a drawing tool has been attempted before, but you could try to search online if people have made similar things work in React Native’s WebView – if they have, it is possible that it can be made to work on our platform too, but it’s difficult to say before this research is done.