HTML Renderer question

I can’t figure out how to center Images in the HTML Renderer. Ive tried everything (css styles, the old < center > tag, align:middle, …)

I know this component was in Beta, so is this even possible? I can get text to center just fine, but images just wont for some reason.

Hi, sorry for taking so long to answer. I tested this a little and found one way to do it. If you add your image into a div, you can use align-items:center to center the image. It would look something like this:

<div style="align-items: center"><img src="my_image.jpg"></div>

Another thing I noticed is that the HTML Renderer doesn’t stretch to cover the whole width of the page if its content doesn’t include some element that is wide enough. E.g. with just the image, I was able to put the HTML Rendered into a Container and use Container’s align-items to set the HTML Rendered (=image) to middle.

Let me know if the div option doesn’t work for you and I’ll try to see if there are other solutions.

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