HTTP POST File Request


I need some advice / help on submitting HTTP POST request to upload image file via Mindee API.

HTTP POST setup and request body are as per below screen capture:

IMAGE 1 - Request Body



I am getting 400 error code from the response and it seems the request body (see image 1) may not be setup correctly. In the header, I only defined Content-Type which I set to application/x-www.form-urlencoded and have attached Mindee API doc (see image 3) as reference.

Thanks for any help/advice.

yeah, the request body in the first image doesnt seem right, i think you should structure it like this
without the "

Also check if the authorization header is set up correctly
and it would help, if you connect the message in the error response and not the code so you will have a clearer view of the error and not just the code

Thanks @Dimos_Vamvourellis for your response and advice.

I tested using REST API direct integration (see screen capture 1-3 below) and it responded with the error message shown in the last image.

From the error message, the problem, is in this image

Because it cant be seen from your images, just to make sure,

you need to add the url (and as you have done the authentication header) in Base
the you need to go to POST and ad the Query parameter(its the same to use the url placeholder)
And then go to make a test request and then set the schema from the response,

You can take a look in this video for more details,

If you have done all that, you should check the documentation of the api, because i think you might have something wrong in the query parameters

Hi @Dimos_Vamvourellis,

I tried using the URL placeholder as suggested and removed the “Value” property in the POST schema but it still returns the same error message. I did a test in POSTMAN and managed to post the file successfully but not in Appgyver.

Do you have the documentation of the api?

No other API doc except the one attached in my earlier thread under image 3 - MINDEE API DOC, see below: