Http request and data retreiving

i made a http request to get users informations and then i output it to an appVars “appVars.UserInformations”

When i want to extract the informations i want. example

appVars.UserInformations.pageVars.Name : it dosen’t work !!
appVars.UserInformations[0].pageVars.Name : It works BUT it give me the user within the index is 0

i have to manually change [1] “for example” to get to the next one !!

how can i fix the issue guys


appVars.UserInformations.pageVars.Name would not work, this means that you’re trying to find the property "pageVars" in the object appVars.UserInformations, and then further trying to find the property "Name" in appVars.UserInformations.pageVars.

I think what you’re looking for is the formula LOOKUP, so it would be something like LOOKUP(appVars.UserInformations, "name", pageVars.Name)