Http Request and data retrieving

I created an Http Request (Get) to get my user informations, and inside the request i used the users Id number then i out put it into a AppVars : appVars.UsersInformations.

another page varriable contains the informations i want to retrieve. example name, age, address …

When i write the below script : do not works
appVars.UsersInformations[0] : it works but it gave me the information of the index 0 of the list !!

How can i get the current user informations !!

From what you wrote I couldn’t understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve. Do you have two collections, one containing the user id and the other containing info for that user id?

Also the schema you described sounds weird to me. It seems you’re trying to access the property of a pageVar object from another object stored in an appVar. It doesn’t make sense.

If appVars.userIformation[0] Works, it’s because Is property of object userInfornation and, appVars.userInfornation is a list of objects (that’s why you’re able to index it and get specific piece of data from within the list.

Would you please provide more detail and if possible some screenshots?