Http request but email not pulling through


I have done the http node but It doesnt take the email address input. I have tried everything and need help.

Please see my settings below:

What’s the API spec for the API you are posting to? You probably need the email inside some object, so you should bind Request body to formula like

{email: appVars.passreset}

– the {} brackets construct an object for you. Of course, the exact key depends on the API spec.

Requeset body type should be one of the default selections.

Thank you. I will try this

@Ashley_Mclean did you get it to work? Anything we can do to help?

Hi Harri

Thank you. I got it working.

The one problem that I am stuck with now is how to get the api database to sync with the client database. I don’t know if there is a way to do this that does not require a lot of javascript code.

Is this something you might be able to advise on?

That does require a bit of advanced logic – if I got it right, you essentially want to replace the entire client-side data resource with a Get collection type response from the backend, to effectively get offline caching for the data from your API? Is replacing everything in the client-side storage enough?

Yes, correct.

If I place a order and there is no internet I want the client side to save the info until it is in a wifi/5G space. When this happens it needs to post the info to the API and sync the info to the other clients so that everyone can see the new order.

Also when the client side is online I need the client side to connect to the API and pull new documents from the API.

Almost like a sync between the two that needs to happen autonomously.

It will also need to check which document is most recent by looking at revision version etc.