HTTP Request module appears to do nothing?

I’m using the HTTP Request module to make a PATCH request (because the normal Data REST API calls won’t do a PATCH), but as I’m trying to use it (testing on Android Preview App), I can’t get the HTTP Request module to do anything at all. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong?

Below I’ve included screenshots of the inputs and the flow function I have it in. I put an alert before it to make sure that branch of the logic is being executed, and it is. I put alerts on all 3 outputs to see what happens, and…nothing. Nothing is triggered. No alerts. I set up a postbin ( to see if the call is even being made, and it doesn’t look like it. I tested it with a webhook as well - it never got called.

So, so far…the module seems to do nothing at all. It doesn’t make a call, doesn’t trigger any outputs…it just sits. I tried doing a GET or a POST, and had the same issue. Am I missing something here? Seems too obvious/big to be a bug, unless someone broke it horribly very recently.

App id: 542074

http inputs

Can you open the preview in a browser and open dev tools and show what the network tab displays when you attempt to nake the call?

Its under the settings in most browsers, this will show the traffic being made. If there is something wrong woth the headers or request body it could stop the call from working.

I would if I could…the web Preview just crashes the tab. I did verify I see the same behavior on the iOS Preview app though.