HTTP Request not being executed in flow, but only on web. It works fine on the appgyver app (only tested on Android)

I’m attempting to setup firebase authentication and using the HTTP Request component to send my email and password to firebase. It works great in the mobile app, and I get my success alert.

On the app preview portal it does not execute anything after setting the page variables.

Here is my flow:

Here is what happens in the preview portal after clicking the login button

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 6.06.39 AM

Does anybody have any guesses why this might be happening?



Hi there!

I think there is a bug with Alert on web that stops execution after it. If you modify the logic so that Alert is not in series, but parallel with the logic, then it should work on both!

That did the trick!!

Thanks so much, but it seems to me as if known bugs should be documented in at least the marketplace description of a component

Yeah, fair point – it is fixed with the v2 runtime we’re pushing out next week though and documented at, but good point about keeping known issues up to date in the marketplace description too!