HTTP request (POST)

Hello I have a Flow Function process with a HTTP REQUEST (POST) that works perfect on IOS.
But when I try to execute on Android it doesn’t even make the port request.

Does anyone knows is there is anything different thai I have to change for android devices?

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There shouldn’t be any differences in how this function works on iOS or Android. Check your previous logic, maybe you have a condition somewhere that prevents it from executing on an Android device?

Thanks for your answer Juan,
The flow function as you see starts dorect from a button componet tab.
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I already try different options but:

  1. I could be the way I call the URL?"+pageVars.Credentials.Username+"/”+pageVars.Credentials.Password (this URL works on IOS)

  2. It could be any permission that I have to accept on android before send a HTTP Request?


Hey Carlos, I doubt it’s a problem with the URL and I’m not aware of any special permissions on Android. Do you use any adblockers perhaps?