HTTP Request second output

The “HTTP Request” flow function has three outputs, and the documentation on the first two outputs says they produce the exact same information, while only the third produces error information. Can someone clarify for me what the difference is between outputs 1 and 2, and which one is triggered on a 200 response code from the server? (Or are both triggered?!

To be honest, so far I’ve been shooting from the hip with this one and treating Output 2 as an ignored error, and that’s worked fine so far, but now that I’m implementing some rudimentary error logging I’m afraid that if I continue with that assumption, I’m going to create some kind of disaster situation.


If you click on “Read more” button in the component properties you’ll find more details. Here is an extract “If the request is successful (i.e. the response status code is within 200 range), the first output is triggered. The second output is triggered if the response status code is within the range of 400 - 500.”

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Thank you! Super helpful :pray: