HTTP request with cookies

I am trying to get our auth process to work, which requires me to send a session cookie from the AppGyver to our backend. How can I achieve that? I am trying to set http header “Cookie” with the value"session=123456", but in the chrome debug console this request is shown without any cookies.


It says your method is ‘GET’. Shouldnt this be PUT or POST?

Nope, it should be GET. Its working in postman.

I did a quick check and my feeling is that it does not work with a header key called “cookie”. Did you try to rename it to something else to see whether it appears then?
If yes, then I assume its something the AppGyver team needs to look into.

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Yes, everything else, like “cookiex” is sent as expected.

FYI - Reported Cookie header is not sent | Voters | AppGyver