HTTP Requests stuck... is it me or bug?

Hi All

I was able to integrate auth0 social authentication into my app. However, the http requests in the “app brought to foreground via URL” flow freeze up (I’m not good at debugging so forgive me for that).

So, the first spinner before the “get auth/token” (see image below) shows, and then stays there. But if I tap on the screen it moves to the next http request and stays there and so on.

As a workaround, I created an invisible button and used “tap component” to tap it every second while this flow executes and that works.

What am I missing? Thanks

Its a common bug with React Native. I solved it by inserting a 10 ms Delay function.right before the HTTP requests

Aha! thank you. I’ll try that instead.

Hello @Ali_Kibao and @JOHN_WORSHAM,
Am trying to get an OAuth2 working but with no luck. Am working on Firebase and needed to use OAuth2 in order to perform BatchWrites of documents to the firestore database.

Any help would be very much appreciated, particularly with OAuth2: how to get the authorization code and then using it to get the access Token. Also, how to open a second browser/window for Google to open up for the user (me) to authenticate and authorize the request.
What are the HTTP request body contents to use and whats’s the function of the “App brought to foreground via URL” event.


Hey @lyn_Wayne I’m very new to all this… my social login process was mostly trial and error and is very messy so I doubt it’d very helpful to you. For what it’s worth…

I used auth0 because it returned the access code as a url parameter. I then used “App brought to foreground” and captured that url as a variable and got the access code that way. I then used that code to get jwt etc and then used that information to create a user in my backend… like I said a bit cumbersome.

Hello @Ali_Kibao,
No worries, just share whatever you can. In addition to the steps, if you can also share/add the various AppGyver flows functions associated to the OAuth, that might help.


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