Huawei's AppGallery store does not receive "AAB" files, only APK, RPK (Quick Apps). And APK Files demand a limit of no more than 200 MB

It’s a shame they’re now starting to remove AAB options in the AppGallery store.

But now it is more worrying, because if we do not improve the only option we have left, which is the APK practically, they are too heavy when it comes to uploading it to the store (Note: We understand in the documentation and why those volumes are given when compiling, but the stores are demanding a certain volume).

Google later will also do the same (According to rumors, as predicted in several stores), with the arrival of RPK (Quick Apps), we know that they are very fast, fast and very light files.

I think this worries a little, because apparently and the idea of the stores, is to completely eliminate the APK files and replace them with lighter ones (I talk about the Android operating system).

Example as in the image:

Today I was going to upload my application with AAB and I was not available to upload the file in AAB. When I compiled with APK, it could not be uploaded because it requires a weight of less than 200 MB and my app weighs 212 MB and it is something simple.

I realized that my work cannot be uploaded in such stores, because users are in their preference stores, but stores limit the size when uploading APKs.

Greetings to all.

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Dang, this sucks. Well, one app store down, 2 more important to go, let’s hope we will have options in the future as well.

:white_check_mark: UPDATE TO MY COMMENT:
AppGallery allows you to upload “AAB” files by selecting the “APK” option (As in the image). When you select the “APK”, the “APK” and “AAB” options automatically appear.

:raised_hand: IMPORTANT:
Now, in AppGallery, it allows you to upload “APK” with sizes up to 4GB (As shown in the image). And practically the same around the same for “AAB”.